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Choosing Posh Wedding Destinations

Dreaming of saying your vows on an exotic tropical island? There is nothing more romantic than marrying barefoot on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Or how about walking down the aisle in an Italian castle? European "I dos"? Yes please!

Destination weddings are an increasingly popular way to marry the one you love. Couples turn their nuptials into luxurious vacations for both themselves and the guests lucky enough to be able to be invited or even make the trip. The world is full of these posh locations, so for some couples, the only question is 'where?' Get out the map sweethearts; this will be a fun decision indeed.

Some affluent couples seek out the most luxurious, romantic and terrific locations on earth for their extravagant affairs. Even celebrities are on board, they've set the bar high, and we're all dying to create our own movie star experience. Far flung locations include: beach resorts in Fiji, castles in Ireland or England, Bahamian beaches, or even a luxury hotel across the country. Exquisite resorts often have packages for wedding couples that include everything from the officiant to the post-wedding honeymoon activities. Obviously, these destination weddings can get quite costly. This is definitely part of the attraction for most couples. Since most guests won't even be able to make the trip, they are able to keep the ceremony intimate. They want to say "I do" in high style and in front of those people closest to them. For this reason, with most destination weddings, the guest list is really quite small.

If the cost of this style of wedding is getting you down, don't be discouraged. These days, destination weddings can also be a way to save money. The cost of a traditional wedding in a big city like Los Angeles or New York could very well start at around $40,000, while a ceremony on a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean is more likely to cost just $5,000 to $8,000. Perhaps the most ideal mixture of both posh and affordable locations is Las Vegas. Pretty much anything is possible in this bustling city. You can marry in a luxurious hotel or a quaint drive-through chapel. And since this city is reachable from anywhere, your family will find it easy to join you. More guests will be able to make it to one of these lower priced destination weddings and can also enjoy the vacation. Happy travels!

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