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How To Plan A Wedding In 10 Days... And Keep A Modest Budget

How long have you and your fiance been engaged? Are you tired of waiting for the big wedding day? You just can't wait to be Mr. and Mrs. "fill in name of couple." Well, wait no more! Here are seven tips on how to plan your wedding in just 10 short days. They are in no means in any particular order -- just use your own common sense.

1. Borrow your wedding dress

Are you the same dress size as another female family member or friend? Ask if you can wear their wedding dress in your wedding! Not only will you look fabulous, but you'll already have your "something borrowed" for the tradition. Plus, if you borrow the dress from a family member, that will make the dress all the more special. Buy your garter and shoes at a wedding shop or even a craft supply store. You will have your "something new" and if you get a garter with a blue bow, there is your "something blue." As for "something old," borrow an item from a family member that has sentimental value. Take good care of it and give it right back after the wedding!

2. Make the invitations

Obviously you will not have time to order invitations, so make them yourself! You can purchase wedding invitation paper at your local office supply store, most of them come with a template that you can load onto your hard drive. Then, you design the invitation on your computer using the actual facsimile of the invitation on your screen. The package will even include some regular paper to test your designs on before you print them. Buy mailing labels that you can print from the computer also. This will save a lot of time and probably prevent you from developing carpal tunnel syndrome in the meantime!

3. Talk to someone at the wedding venue

Wherever you choose to have the wedding ceremony -- a church, temple, non-denominational justice of the peace chambers -- make sure you book the date and time you want/need for the wedding. If you need any special equipment, like a chupah (ceremonial canopy) for a Jewish wedding, make certain that it will be available. Ask about prices and see if you can cut a deal considering the short notice.

4. Book a house

Finding it difficult to book a reception in so little time? Have it at a relative's house. Chances are that you are getting married in one of your hometowns (if you don't share the same one) or current place of residence. What better way to save money on a banquet hall than by having the reception at the home of someone you know? Just make sure that it is large enough to accommodate all of your guests, food, cake, music, and gifts. If you prefer, you can even have the wedding ceremony at the house, as well.

5. Find a wholesale florist

Search for a local wholesale florist. Not only do they generally have many people working for them (meaning they can get large orders filled in little time), but since they get their supplies wholesale you will get a better price. Are you allergic to real flowers? Have them make fake bouquets. They can make them look just as beautiful and can even make them look real by adding effects (i.e., clear glue droplets made to look like water).

6. Plan the menu and do it yourself

Not meaning cook everything yourself, but you can order deli, veggie and fruit trays and have someone pick them up and arrange them at the reception house during the ceremony. Buy bottles of soda on sale and big bags of ice. Use paper plates and cups and use plastic utensils and buy a fancy-looking vinyl tablecloth. This will also make the clean-up a lot easier for whoever ends up cleaning. They'll thank you for it later.

7. Friends, friends, friends!

Still need music, pictures, and a cake? Ask your friends! Even if none of your friends is a DJ/KJ, photographer, or baker, chances are they know some people who can cut you a deal. If you can't afford a photographer, you probably have a friend who takes awesome pictures. Have them make the memories of your wedding. If there are family photos and such that you want, make sure you let them know. Get someone whom you know is famous for their goodies to make the cake. It may not be the five-tier cake that you dreamed about when you were ten, but it will be special just the same. If you are lucky, you have a friend who specializes in cake decorating who can build your five-tier dream. Use a small boom box for music at the ceremony and just have someone push the buttons. Make CD mixes of the songs you want in the order you want them. Supply the person with a list of what to play when and leave it to them. Have the same person bring the boom box to the reception house so that you can have your wedding party intros, first dance, etc.

So there you have it. It takes some time, but think of all the hassles you will avoid by marrying so quickly. There will be no time to change your mind about anything, much less change it several times. Taking these seven tips to heart will allow you to have a hassle-free, moderate-budget wedding of your dreams!

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After struggling with her own wedding, Michele Neisler created Wedding Wisdom to educate future brides. No matter what your wedding related needs, Wedding Wisdom promises to create “marriages” between all members of the bridal community.

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