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California Beach Wedding Destinations

Is Southern California really the greatest place for beach weddings? Let me give you a hint: sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine. With predictable sunny weather California offers the perfect environment for an outdoor wedding. Perhaps it's the seaside resort of Laguna Beach or the deep blue skies of San Diego, Southern California has much to offer. With a gentle Mediterranean climate, a California beach wedding offers immense pleasure.

The first step in a planning a beach wedding is to consider where. From my experience, Orange County has everything under the sun and more. Beautiful homes fit snug on the coast and overlook the white sand beaches. Wedding Planners have fallen in love with Newport Beach because of the exquisite resorts, fine dining, and elegant atmosphere.

One of the great things about a Southern California wedding is the warm weather year round. We have been blessed with mild winters and toasty summers. Even still, it's not a bad idea to pack some warm apparel for the beach (in case it gets windy).

If a quiet getaway is what you have in mind than you don't want to miss a trip over to Malibu. A reclusive retreat popular among movie stars Malibu is known for its lush mountainside vegetation and expansive coastline. One of my top picks would is Zuma Beach - a gorgeous and wide beach that runs parallel with the Pacific Coast Highway.

The beach is rather quiet during the late afternoons and hosts some of the most captivating sunsets I've ever witnessed.

If you want to be closer to the city, Santa Monica is a lovely community with wonderful coast and pristine water. Many couples choose to have host their wedding at one of the many luxury hotels. With a clear view of the ocean, beachside weddings don't get a whole lot better in Los Angeles County. Whether you're a native or traveling from out of state, California is perfect escape for your wedding on the beach.

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